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photo credit: Daniel Mistiva

photo credit: Daniel Mistiva

I'd like to give you a new perspective on the music you are used to listening to...
Check out their influences we are all connected.

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I have been in contact with two music producers and both are willing to work with me in the studio. i just need to find a grant... Easier said then done.

nice night at Aquarium Cafe Bar 

It was nice night at Aquarium Cafe Bar. The people who were there seem really to enjoy themselves.
It was fun to see some clap their hands on some original songs...
Ciao for now

La Voix 

 Here is my first blog. I will be writing you a bit from time to time! I am so happy to see that you are so many to come on my website! La Voix was an awesome experience. I got to meet the team. People that I always admired like David Lafleche and Charles Lafortune. The whole team of researchers were awesome. They knew us all a bit inside out when we presented ourselves to them. The TV shoot was two days and we had the opportunity to bring 3 people with us and to invite people for the crowd. I will always…Read more
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