Indie gogo campaign - Campagne Indie gogo

Indie gogo campaign - Feel free to encourage me and my creative team! Bullying, violence & harrassment youth workshops & artistic derived products

 Indie gogo campaign - Sentez-vous à  l'aise de m'encourager et mon équipe créative - ateliers pour les…

Nice discoveries / Belles découvertes

Nice discoveries on my business trip I met many talented songwriters! Check my twitter I will tweet about them soon! Belles découvertes lors de mon voyage d'affaires j'ai rencontré des auteurs-compositeurs talentueux. Regarder mon twitter je vais tweeter bientôt leurs…


Stay tuned for more originals... Restez aux aguets pour plus de compos...

Votez pour moi / Vote for me

Vote for me! Give me the highest score and comment on my video that is in the Chasse aux talents contest.
Votez pour moi et donnez-moi le pointage le plus haut et commentez sur la video qui est dans…


I have been in contact with two music producers and both are willing to work with me in the studio. i just need to find a grant... Easier said then done.

nice night at Aquarium Cafe Bar

It was nice night at Aquarium Cafe Bar. The people who were there seem really to enjoy themselves.
It was fun to see some clap their hands on some original songs...
Ciao for now

La Voix

 Here is my first blog. I will be writing you a bit from time to time! I am so happy to see that you are so many to come on my website! La Voix was an awesome experience. I got…