Quiet the Play by Lydie Dubuisson-black theater workshop

M-A-I (Montreal arts interculturel) café, 3680 rue Jeanne-Mance, bureau 103, Montreal


Please join us for a work in progress performance at the MAI Cafe. Directed by: Michelle Soicher Starring: Michelle Rambharose

About the Play

Clara is eight months pregnant. She hasn't told her mother about her pregnancy. She sends her fiancé away on a fishing trip for three days so she can quietly think and sort out her feelings before her baby's arrival. Clara is trying to make sense of her anger towards her mother in her quiet bedroom where she sings to ease the pain. Quiet explores the maze that leads to forgiveness.

About the Playwright

Lydie Dubuisson is a playwright, a performance creator, a singer and a producer. She studied theatre at Concordia University and she is now part of the Black Theatre Workshop artist mentorship program. Her work paints the realities of women living in conservative communities.