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New year new projects are coming up / Nouvelles années nouveau projets 

New year new projects

Yes indeed this is the year where I will be recording and collaborating with a producer in hisToronto studio! Everything is looking up! I had 4 producers who wanted to help me for an album. I finally picked and will work with Zedd Records on my project. You will also be able to see me in the t.v. show M'entends-tu on Télé-Québec singing with a few friends for a little while. You have to watch it all. 

Sit tight! Get ready for lift off!


Oui en effet une nouvelle année emmène de…

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Download tracks - Télécharger des chansons 

Hi there you can now download 2 tracks and you can set your price. The minimum per track is 1,25$! Enjoy!
Allô vous pouvez maintenant downloader 2 chansons et vous pouvez payez ce que vous voulez. Le minimum est 1.25$. Profitez-en!