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Vote! Vote!Vote! Vote! 

Bonjour s.v.p votez pour moi à tout les jours! Regarder la video en cliquant sur le lien et bidonner vous! Hi please vote for me everyday... for my anglophone friends what I say in the video is that I would like to record an album with the money, pay studies and if there`s money left get a small used car... Thanks! Merci!


La Voix 

I was chosen among 5000 candidates to take part in La Voix. She was one of the 140 candidates who took a chance to sing in front of Ariane Moffatt, Jean-Pierre Ferland, Marie-Mai and Marc Dupré. She had good comments from the coaches. Ariane Moffatt even said she almost pressed on the button to make her chair turn. It was a close call.